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Memory Foam Mattress Testimonial – Best Memory Foam Review

Why did I buy my SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress? Well, I am the kind of person who is willing to “invest” money for my health. I definitely consider sleeping well at night essential in my overall wellness. Don’t you think you should do the same?

At my young age of 59, I really need to get high quality sleep every night in order for me to get the most of my days. As you may know very well, a good night’s sleep can really help us perform our best at work, spend quality time with our families and of course with our friends.

I once suffered from sleepless nights. I used to fidget all night long and would seldom have a 4 hour straight sleep. I’d only sleep for 2 hours and sometimes even for only 30 minutes and I’ll wake up for most of the evening. This really caused much stress to me and my wife and has been most evident at work.

One morning, I thought I finally had enough so I looked for ways so I can rest well at night. Sleeping pills were immediately out of my list as I’ve heard a lot of scary stories from my friends who were enticed at the quick fix these pills were promoting. It was a good thing that I brought this up with one of my friends, Paulie and he was the one who introduced me to memory foam mattress beds.

I am happy now that I no longer have to worry about those sleepless nights again.

Does a Memory Mattress Work?

I hate to admit it, but it really does work. Memory foam mattresses have this uncanny ability to take the shape of your body after you lie on it and hold this shape as you sleep. This retained shape helps evenly spread your body weight over the surface of the memory bed. As a result, comfort is maximized since you don’t get the uncomfortable feeling of having one portion of your body getting most of your body weight.

You will feel the need to toss and turn throughout the night as you sleep naturally go away. This is because you are comfortably “cradled” by the memory foam mattress and your body is properly supported as you sleep.

Which is the best memory mattress to buy?

It really depends. It’s a matter of personal preference really. You may favor the qualities of a specific memory foam mattress brand over another while someone else may hate it. And not only does the brand say a lot to the quality of the memory foam but you should also be wary about the price points at which they are being sold. Expensive memory foam mattresses are not always the best memory foam mattress you could buy!

Top 5 Memory Foam Mattress Recommendations

  1. Sure Temp Memory Mattress by SleepInnovations
  2. Queen Memory Foam Mattress by SilverRest
  3. California King Memory Foam Mattress by Dynasty Mattress
  4. Queen Celebrity Memory Foam Mattress by Dynasty Mattress
  5. Sarah Peyton Cool Sensations Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

Just a quick guide for you to know before you buy your first memory foam mattress so you’ll know what you’re getting into. There are actually 3 important factors to consider when buying a memory foam mattress:

Density – refers to how much memory foam is present for every cubic feet of area. Usually, the higher the density means that the mattress is of a good quality.

Firmness – is the measure of resistance the memory foam exerts against your body as you sleep on it. Memory Foam firmness is generally measured by IFD rating. Memory Foam mattresses with IFD ratings of 10 to 14 are ideal since they are the most comfortable ones. Anything below 8 or beyond 16 IFD ratings are either too soft or simply too hard.

Thickness – Good memory foam mattresses are between 12 inches to 14 inches thick. What is ideal for your greatly depends on your body structure and weight but 12-14 are what I like the most.

That’s it! Endure sleepless nights no more with the best memory foam mattress!

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