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How to properly use the FIBARO Smoke Sensor

In this film, you’ll learn how to use FIBARO Smoke Sensor, which can do a lot more than you expect. If you need advice on how to fit or configure one, watch your film on the subject. Here are some of the main features of the FIBARO Smoke Sensor, making it irreplaceable. The Smoke Sensor is one element in the client’s security system. Via the Home Center, it can rapidly send notifications about potential threats.

Integrating it with the ventilation system that it can be switched on when necessary. Integrating it with the roof windows system means they can be opened on detection of a potential fire.

In an emergency, the Smoke Sensors sets off the alarm and automatically initiates the evacuation scenario. If necessary, the sensor can open the garage doors. Because it operates independently, the FIBARO Smoke Sensor can operate without the FIBARO Home Center.

Two special features of the device are its ability to switch off the mains, gas, or boiler. Making it even more useful in an emergency. What does the FIBARO Smoke Sensor put others in the shade? Wrap it fitting in any location means the device is ready to use in moments.

Thanks to its built-in temperature sensor, the Smoke Sensor can detect danger even when there’s no smoke. The battery supply has a life of up to two years, and the sensors warn you then it needs changing. Now you know a little more about the FIBARO Smoke Sensor, Now watch other films and find out how each piece of FIBARO equipment introduces the latest technologies into your client’s homes.

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