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How To Choose A Pillow For Better Sleep


Why I made a specific recommendation as to a pillow in our appendix, it’s a great question.

I think pillows are extremely important, and they can make or break your night of sleep. So, here’s my recommendation. First of all, you have to find out if you’re a side sleeper or if you’re a back sleeper (if you sleep on your back), and some of us sleep in our stomachs.

If you’re a black sleeper, there’s not much difference in the height of the back of your head and your neck and back. So, it would help if you had a very small pillow. If your pillow is too big, it’s going to pinch or tip your head forwards, and that automatically caves the airway and closes the airway.

Same thing for no pillow. Your head may be too far back. These are all things that we learn when we resuscitate people with CPR. The position of the head is very important before we blow air into the victim. So, it’s the same thing at night. If you can’t breathe at night, you will wake up, and you will have a sleep that is interrupted. And of course, then, the ramifications of that, as I say in my book, are great. So, back sleeper, pick a pillow that keeps your spine perfectly straight —not forward, not back. And even if you roll side to side, your spine is straight. Side sleepers are a little different. The disc distance here is greater. And because you’re sleeping on your side, if the pillow is too small, you’re going to be kinked this way. Again, that’s the angle of the spine. If it’s too big, you’re going to be kinked this way. So, I would buy a pillow based on this measurement here. Get into bed. Make sure it’s a pillow that does not collapse. Down pillows collapse. Foam pillows collapse over time. With heat, body heat, in time, they collapse. It would help if you had a pillow that supports you like a foam spring. They have interlocking foam block pillows, something that supports you and does not compress over time. Have someone view you asleep —or not asleep, but in bed sideways. Have someone take a look. Have someone take a picture. And your spine and head from that side view should be perfectly straight. If you’re a stomach sleeper, that’s a problem. No pillow will help you there. And for other sleep professionals and me, stomach sleeping is a good indication, perhaps that you do have a small airway and that you have sleep apnea. You’re sleeping in that position to try and keep the tongue out of the airway and to keep the airway open. So consider that. So, those are my recommendations for pillows. If you want to know more about that, go ahead and read the book. I’ll leave a link at the bottom of this video so that you can look it up. Find the right pillow. It is really important. You’ll know, once you get the right pillow, you’ll feel better.

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